Maitri O'Brien

Operating Partner

Maitri O’Brien is based in Zurich, Switzerland, joined AS Equity Partners in December, 2021 and focuses on Business Transformation, Stakeholder Engagement and Leadership Development for portfolio companies. Prior to joining the Firm, Ms. O’Brien led the Change and Transformation practice at DXC Technologies as well as at HP Enterprise and Hewlett Packard globally, responsible for all key regions.

Throughout her 25+ year career in Business Transformation Consulting, Ms. O’Brien has covered a wide range of issues including change and transformation management, organization and operating model design, employee engagement and multi-stakeholder management, leadership development and coaching. She has extensive experience in M&As, complex transformations and restructuring.

Career Overview


Operating Partner, AS Equity Partners


Transformation Partner, QDQ Media Group


Digital Transformation Strategis, DXC Technology


Business Change and Transformation Director, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise