Spanish MC 2020 Awards QDQ Group as the Leading Company in the “Digitization Initiative for SMEs.”

Madrid, Spain, December 17, 2020

Spanish MC 2020 Awards QDQ Group as the Leading Company in the “Digitization Initiative for SMEs.”

Madrid, Spain, December 17, 2020  – QDQ Group , an AS Equity Partners portfolio company, has been awarded the MC

2020 award as the leading company in the category of digitization of SMEs in Spain.  The MC 2020 award is organized by MuyPymes and TPnet publishing group.  QDQ Group shares this award with other prestigious companies such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, Nfon, etc.

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Pedro Fernández, general director of QDQ Group

Serving a growing network of 20,000 clients, QDQ Group is the largest digital marketing agency in Spain serving SMEs. QDQ delivers a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions such as:

  • Presence on the Internet and brand image, through the creation and maintenance of Websites and Presence on Social Networks
  • Visibility and search engine positioning campaign management (SEO) in the main search engines
  • Online advertising through campaigns in Google Ads ™, Microsoft Bing and Facebook Ads ™ networks; integration into social networks; creation and optimization of advertising videos; among others.

“At MuyPymes we have valued the group’s effort during these tough months to study how the market is doing and know how to adapt to its clients, who need maximum flexibility and integration of their services, addressing all facets of digitization and online presence.”

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When everything connects the right way, information, technology customer needs, teams and your entire business ecosystem collaborates together to overcome challenges, innovate and come out on the other side of this crises looking stronger than we did going into it. It’s a simple, yet powerful idea. Let’s continue collaborate and win together!

– Andreas Schulte, CEO, QDQ-Group and Founder, AS Equity Partners

While it’s been difficult, 2020 has also been a time of great progress in the digitalization of SMEs.  Not only we have seen extraordinary efforts to advance digitization and experiment with digital business models, we’ve seen many of our customers taking important strides towards embracing digital marketing of their services.

The QDQ Group team recognized early the need to help SMEs in their digitization journey and manage the unpresented COVID pandemic.  The entire team focused on how to inform, engage and assist SME clients to ensure they can adapt and thrive in an uncertain and volatile business conditions. The QDQ team employed rapid and agile way working and delivered tools and services to facilitate SME clients pivot into digital business model, some examples:

  • Enabled customers to create and disseminate content to their customers using multiple social media channels such as chat, whatsapp, videoconference, etc.)
  • Enabled our clients through our Advanced Ecommerce Service to sell their products and services over the internet.
  • Launched a digital Online Ordering Serviceso that our customers could deliver their products to their customers
  • To enhance the visibility of our clients on the internet, we launched our Social Media Presence Servicewhere their customers can find them with speed and ease.
  • We observed that many customers were using their mobile phones when making purchases on the internet, we implemented AMP Technologythat allows a faster loading speed of web pages on smartphones and facilitates navigation through these devices.
  • We launched our Appointment Request Serviceto enable our SME clients to make appointments and stay engaged with their clients despite the COVID-19 restrictions and measures.

In addition, as part of QDQ Group ESG initiative, we launched the Community Leadership Circle (CLC) and allowed each QDQ Group employee 20 hours of company paid time to assist SME business of their choice in their communities. Through the CLC program, we were able to connect many QDQ Group employees with their local SMEs to share their expertise, knowledge and skills in digital marketing and help their local businesses emerge stronger from COVID-19 pandemic.

About AS Equity Partners

AS Equity Partners, which has offices in London and Zurich, exclusively targets control investments in the lower to middle-market for software, technology, and technology enabled businesses across Europe. Next to offering capital and financial solutions, AS Equity Partners contribute hands-on operational expertise and multi-level support to help firms live up to their full potential. Its founders are recognized industry veterans with decades of experience in this field. For additional information about AS Equity Partners, please visit AS Equity Partners’ website at

About QDQ Group

QDQ Group is Spain’s leading digital marketing platform serving more than 20,000 SME customers. QDQ offers a portfolio of digital solutions such as the creation of web pages – more than 26,000 created to date – hosting and domain; positioning campaign management (SEO) in the main search engines, guaranteeing the top positions in Google search results; online advertising through campaigns in Google Ads ™ and Microsoft Bing; integration into social networks; creation and optimization of advertising videos; among others. As Premier Google Partner, it manages more than 18,000 campaigns in Google Ads ™. QDQ Group is a strategic partner to leading media companies such as Google ™, Microsoft Advertising and Vodafone. In addition, QDQ Group has the local business web directory, with more than two million unique users and eight million pageviews. For additional information about QDQ Group, please visit QDQ’s website at

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