QDQ Group gains technology momentum with AS Equity Partners


QDQ Group gains technology momentum with AS Equity Partners

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QDQ gains technology momentum with AS Equity Partners
The entry of AS Equity Partners into the QDQ group’s shareholding has enabled the definitive technological leap of  this digital marketing agency, historically known for its paper-based company directory.
Focused on European technological and digital projects, this fund entered the group of Spanish origin last March, just at the beginning of the health crisis, which has allowed to finance the investments with which it has carried out a restructuring of the activity and promoted new services for customers, mostly SMEs and freelancers who saw the need to start in ecommerce during the confinement. Between March and July, the company increased its client portfolio by 7%, to 21,400. So much so that it plans to increase ebitda and maintain the income of 22 million from the previous year, in view of the closing of its fiscal year in February.

“The entry of AS Equity Partners has allowed us to make
investments in our staff, especially in IT and engineering and in
technology to adapt to the new realities of Covid. This has
allowed us to access new clients and sectors.”

-Pedro Fernández, general director of qdqmedia, one of the three agencies that make up the QDQ group.

Among the new clients, the incorporation of companies from some sectors that had barely had previous contact with the online channel stands out. This is the case of the health, education and catering sectors – for home deliveries-, which in these months have started up in ecommerce with QDQ to avoid their businesses being paralyzed by the pandemic. Hence, the creation and maintenance of web pages, as well as investment in search engine optimization (SEO) and web traffic, through campaigns on Google AdWords or Facebook, are the three services with the highest demand within the new offer of the company. "Despite the fact that the advertising investment fell during several months -almost 30% according to Infoadex-, all the companies kept their web active, so our activity did not stop at any moment”. Its current source of income is mainly the service of web creation and maintenance. Not even the iconic business directory qdq.com, heir to the paper pages, and despite the fact that it has two million unique users. As a curiosity, the traffic of this directory, with one million registered companies, grew by 50% in the last months of confinement.

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