ESG Lens of the Investment: QDQ Response to COVID-19 Crisis in the Community


“SMEs are the heartbeat of Spanish economy. In some cases, the impact of COVID-19 has brought their business to stand still. We believe that the most valuable resource we can contribute to SMEs is the one we offer our clients everyday—our intellectual capital and business knowledge. Helping SMEs to become stronger organizations out of the COVID-19 crisis is the most lasting contribution we can make to our local communities.”

QDQ Community Leadership Circle Program – (CLC)

Our Mission:

The QDQ Leadership Community Circle is a knowledge-sharing and skills-based program that delivers business-focused coaching, mentoring, training and education on Digital Marketing to the local SMEs who will be re-opening, rebuilding and renewing their business.

It is designed to enable QDQ employees to volunteer their time, knowledge and skills to help SMEs gain the critical knowledge to rebuild their businesses.

QDQ Contribution:

QDQ employees can use up to 20 paid hours in the next 6 months to become QDQ CLC volunteers.

Benefits of the CLC Program:

  • Empowers employees to share their knowledge and skill with their community SMEs
  • Provides employees to further develop their coaching, consulting and leadership skills
  • Provides SMEs with needed knowledge, coaching, tools and resources they cannot afford
  • Allows QDQ to offer specific knowledge and unique Digital Marketing experience of our professional workforce… Which is what SMEs need most at this time of financial crisis
  • Can be delivered using web-based video conferencing tools – Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc.

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